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Unlock Business Success in Saudi Arabia with Collatree's Membership Program

Streamline Your Entrepreneurial Journey in the Heart of the Middle East

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Embarking on a business venture in Saudi Arabia? Collatree's exclusive membership program is your gateway to a seamless, cost-effective entrepreneurial experience. Say goodbye to the daunting costs and complexities of starting a business and embrace a world of opportunities with Collatree

Cost of Setting-up Business in Saudi Arabia

With Collatree
Office Space (Monthly)
SAR 3,000 to SAR 5,000
Setup Cost (One-time)
SAR 50,000 to SAR 80,000
Sales Team Salaries (Monthly)
SAR 10,000 to SAR 22,500
Legal Compliances (Annually)
SAR 75,000 to SAR 100,000
Additional Service Charge Cost
10% - 50% of Overall Cost
25% - 30% of Overall Cost

The Time Factor

Establishing a firm in Saudi Arabia is a lengthy process, often taking 6 months to a year to fully operationalize.

Why Choose Collatree?

The Membership Advantage


Local Expertise for the Saudi Market

Our program is meticulously designed for Saudi Arabia, offering tailored solutions to overcome local market challenges. We understand the Saudi business landscape inside out, ensuring your venture thrives.


Comprehensive Support System

From legal compliance to sales and marketing, our holistic approach provides everything you need under one roof. We're not just a service; we're your business partner.


Cost-Effective and Time-Saving

Our membership dramatically reduces the initial costs and time involved in setting up your business. Focus on growth and innovation while we handle the groundwork.

Rajesh K., Bangalore

“As an entrepreneur from India looking to expand into Saudi Arabia, the complexities seemed overwhelming. Collatree's membership was a game-changer, providing the guidance and resources I needed. It was like having a local expert by my side every step of the way."

Emily T., Sydney

"Starting a business in a foreign country is daunting. Collatree's team made this transition smooth for my Australian company. Their insights into Saudi market dynamics were invaluable. It's the best decision we've made!"

Michael B., New York

 "Breaking into the Saudi market was a strategic move for us, but the legal and cultural hurdles were intimidating. Thanks to Collatree, we navigated these challenges with ease. Their support was crucial in establishing our presence in Saudi Arabia."

Collatree - Your Partner in Business Excellence in Saudi Arabia

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How much does it cost to start a company in Saudi Arabia?

Starting a company in Saudi Arabia typically involves a minimum cost of SAR 120,000. This cost covers essential steps such as company registration, securing office rentals, and completing various formalities. It's important to note that this is a baseline estimate and the actual cost can vary based on the type of business, location, and specific requirements. Additionally, the process can take approximately 6 months from inception to completion. It's advisable to factor in additional costs and time for unexpected challenges or additional requirements that may arise during the setup process.


Can I start a small business in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, you can start a small business in Saudi Arabia. However, it's important to understand that irrespective of the size of your company, there are basic costs that you will need to cover. These expenses include company registration, obtaining the necessary licenses, and other legal and administrative fees. While the overall investment might vary depending on your business type and specific requirements, the basic cost remains a fundamental aspect of starting any business in the country. It's advisable to research and prepare for these expenses to ensure a smooth start for your small business in Saudi Arabia.


Can a foreigner set up a business in Saudi Arabia?

  1. Yes, foreigners are allowed to set up businesses in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabian government has been making concerted efforts to attract foreign investment and entrepreneurs. However, there are specific regulations and requirements that need to be met. Foreign investors must obtain the necessary licenses and comply with the legal and regulatory framework of the Kingdom. This process includes company registration, obtaining a foreign investment license from the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA), and adhering to sector-specific regulations. It's also important to be aware of cultural and business practices in Saudi Arabia to ensure successful business operations. Foreigners are encouraged to seek local legal and business advice to navigate the setup process effectively.

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