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Harnessing Industry Expertise for Your Business Success

Collatree's Collective Experience of 30+ Years and Global Presence Ensures Curated Solutions Tailored to Your Needs.

At Collatree, we bring together the expertise of industry veterans to curate the most suitable software and IT solutions for your business. 


With a collective experience of over 30+ years and an established presence in 10+ countries, we pride ourselves on being experts at running and designing the best services and products for companies.

A Bit About Us

Collatree is the result of a merger of seven start-ups with diverse entrepreneurial roots, introducing the trend-setting Thrasio model in Kerala. Our team utilizes each other's knowledge base and experience to work under a single umbrella, providing the best value proposition to our clients.


Our curated solutions are specially designed by industry experts to help you grow your business. Whether it's software, services, or tools, we offer the most effective and powerful ways to manage your projects and streamline your operations. We understand that time and money are valuable resources for any business, and our aim is to help you save both.


At Collatree, we work with a team of industry experts who can help you accelerate your business. We focus on transforming your business using the best-in-breed solutions, so you can focus on what you do best - running your business. Trust Collatree to provide you with the most cutting-edge software and IT solutions that will enhance your business productivity and drive your success. 

Why choose us?

More than 10M+ Revenue Generated

20,000+ Expert Curated Solutions

30+ Years of Established Experience

1 Unified Platform

5M+ Business Transformations

100M+ Cost Savings by Users

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