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Restaurant Management & Dining App

  • Operations Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Cost Control

  • Order Management

  • For restaurants in Saudi Arabia.


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Made for Restaurants in KSA

A restaurant management application is a software solution that helps restaurant owners and managers manage various aspects of their business, including orders, stock, finances, and menus. The application typically includes a user-friendly interface that allows users to access and analyze data in real time, enabling them to make informed decisions about their operations.
The restaurant management app can help restaurant owners streamline their operations, reduce costs and improve the client experience.

Menu Management

The application  provides an easy-to-use interface for creating and updating menus, with the ability to include prices, images, descriptions, and other relevant information


Track order online

Allow customers to track their order online through mobile app/desktop.



The application allow managers to track sales, expenses, and profits, with the ability to generate reports and analyze data.

Mobile App & Desktop

Manage quotations, invoicing, statements, payroll, and more with just one software application.

Order Management

Enable staff to take orders from

QR Code | Online | Waiter | Kiosk

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Table Management

The application  provides a QR code scanner to the customer for ordering the food.

Waiter Application

Through the application waiter can take the order directly from the customer.


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What Our Clients Say

I am really thankful to the entire team of Collatree for their great effort that delivers a great project. You made it awesome and its something beyond to our expectations. Thank you so much for your hard-work and sincerity !

Saeed Ali,
Manager @ Arminy

BRIDGES LCS is good software with many optional features that really makes working easy for Logistic & Financial needs. Very convenient, Reliable and best part is the customer support and immediate assistance is very helpful for their customers.

Jafer Hussain,

Logistics Operations Manager @ Huta

Bridge LCS has automated almost all the work we did manually. With the integrated departments and digital approval concept, our work has been reduced up to 50%.

Peter Abi,
General Manager @ Atlas Ocean Ltd


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