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The ultimate Accounting Solution for your Business

Collatree provides advanced leading accounting software for businesses in Saudi Arabia. We automate e-invoicing seamlessly in compliance with Saudi Arabia's new e-invoicing regulations. Our software makes it easy for businesses to fulfill their ZATCA e-invoicing regulations and get running quickly


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Main features of our accounting solution


The best accounting software in Saudi Arabia. We  help businesses automate their e-invoicing process in compliance with Saudi Arabia's new e-invoicing regulation. The software is simple and easy to use, and it helps businesses of all types - manufacturing, distribution, and service - manage their accounting needs.

Key Features

Customizable Dashboard

  • Build your own dashboard by assembling custom reports.

  • Generate reports for any time period, comparing several time periods at the same time.

  • Calculate certain fields dynamically, such as year-to-date earnings.

  • Teams can share filters and dashboards.

Screenshot (262).png
Screenshot (264).png

Multi-currency support

Multi-currency support allows a system to handle and process transactions in multiple currencies

Pay Multiple Invoices

Ability to reconcile a payment with several invoices using a button on the payment form.

Screenshot (268).png

Real-time reconciliation of payments

Odoo suggests outstanding payments automatically when creating an invoice so that you don't have to reconcile them later.

QR Codes

Paying with a QR code is possible through your customers' banking apps. Quotes and invoices have QR codes on the payment screen, which is available on PDF invoices.


Other Advanced features

  • Double-entry book-keeping

  • Multi-companies

  • Import bank feeds automatically

  • International Standards

  • Dedicated UI

  • Payable and receivable tools

  • Accounts Receivable & Payable

  • Inventory Valuation

  • Easily retained earnings

  • Journal and ledger management with advanced features

What Our Clients Say

I am really thankful to the entire team of Collatree for their great effort that delivers a great project. You made it awesome and its something beyond to our expectations. Thank you so much for your hard-work and sincerity !

Saeed Ali,
Manager @ Arminy

BRIDGES LCS is good software with many optional features that really makes working easy for Logistic & Financial needs. Very convenient, Reliable and best part is the customer support and immediate assistance is very helpful for their customers.

Jafer Hussain,

Logistics Operations Manager @ Huta

Bridge LCS has automated almost all the work we did manually. With the integrated departments and digital approval concept, our work has been reduced up to 50%.

Peter Abi,
General Manager @ Atlas Ocean Ltd


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